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Thought for the day

In 1951 I was given an Autograph book. I already had one, so I have used it to record poems and quotes over many years. Reading through it recently I came across a quote from a missionary newsletter in 1960.  “ There must be  a continual conscious seeking after God, or there will be an  inevitable unconscious drifting away from God.” A continual seeking after God requires perseverance, which is mentioned many times in the New Testament. Christ persevered to achieve…

Thought for the day

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? As far as the coronavirus tunnel is concerned, I’m not sure there is yet! We are definitely moving in the right direction but I don’t think it’s at all clear how long the tunnel will be or even what the end of the tunnel will look like. God’s timing is perfect though. He is not bound by time like we are – a concept that is extremely difficult for our finite…

Growing as Family Walking with Jesus

To us, Jesus is central to everything! As His disciples, we believe church is who we are and not a building we go to once a week. Deep and loving relationships are a key-value of ours and we believe we become more like Jesus as we walk with Him daily and as an active part of church life throughout the week. We gather together in celebration as the wider family on Sundays at 10.30am, in smaller Home Groups on Monday afternoons, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and a variety of other ways weekly.

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Lisvane Baptist Church, Heol-y-Delyn, The Memorial Hall, Lisvane, Cardiff, CF14 OSQ