Pastors Note March 2016

Pastors Note March 2016

As our thoughts turn towards Easter I share with you a poem written by Wendy Price a friend of one of our church Members. It is a powerful piece of writing that helps us grapple with the mysteries of pain, anguish and suffering.

“No matter what you’re suffering you know God understands”
Words so often used by well meaning friends
A cliché that echoed constantly in my heart, soul and mind
A despondent heart full of doubt, anger and fear
A soul that cried out in turmoil “God why aren’t You here?”
Then my mind filled with many unanswered questions
Questions I asked again and again
As my body grew weary, wracked with unceasing pain

“No matter what you’re suffering you know God understands”
So why is He making such onerous demands?
He commands that I love Him with every fibre of my being
Yet when I need Him the most I reach out – He’s not there
Though I plead in the dark of the night He’s nowhere to be found
As I sink into depths of despair unknown
A feeling of loneliness that’s so alien to me
Stumbling in darkness, with nowhere to flee

“No matter what you’re suffering you know God understands”
Then where are You my Father?  I scream with clenched hands
I can no longer pray, for when I do things grow worse
Sinking, plummeting, there’s only one thing to do
Call on friends who assure me, “I’ll pray for you”
A flicker of light, just enough to create
Shadows in the darkness, a glimmer of hope
Even though the pain grows worse I feel more able to cope

“No matter what you’re suffering you know God understands”
Then show me from Your Word I finally demand
The Spirit then draws me to the horror of the cross
Where Jesus suffered pain, I could never endure
But worse was the darkness as man’s sin He bore
For His Father turned away, not able to look
Then even Jesus cried “Why have you forsaken Me?”
As in anguish, He hung on that gruesome tree

“No matter what you’re suffering you know God understands”
For God the Son has been there so yes, He comprehends
Your pain, rejection, injustice, isolation – your Gethsemane
Whatever you’re going through, He has been there too
Just look at His life, view the cross where He died for you
Cling to the truth till it seeps deep into your heart
Don’t doubt in the dark what He promised in the light
Dawn’s always on the horizon of the darkest night
No matter what you’re suffering you know God understands

If you are in this season of life and would like to receive prayer, please contact either Chris Burr or myself. It would be a privilege to pray with you.

All the best

Dave Llewellyn


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