February 2020

Church Home Groups

Warm greetings to you all from Lisvane Baptist Church!

One of the aspects of church life we have been looking into in more detail during January and into February is the area of Home Groups – or, as some call it, ‘church from house to house’.

The more I read the bible and understand the message of God through it, the more apparent, and yet simple, it is to me that ‘church’ is very much more about the people than about the name of the building or a large gathering on a Sunday that we go ‘to’. In fact the original meaning of the word ‘church’ is ‘the called out ones’ (from the Greek word Ekklesia).

Yes, it can be a challenge for me to think of church as people and not just a building. Who then is church and what is its purpose? I am increasingly thinking of church as our relationship with God, and with others. This should be a relationship of health and strength and a place from which we can move forwards towards making a positive and hopefully lasting impact on those within our wider families, friendships and communities.

I often joke with friends that my role as Team Leader at Lisvane Baptist Church would be very easy if it weren’t for all the people, but the reality is: it’s all about people! Our passion here is to help people not only become part of healthy community but to also connect with the purpose for which they are created.

Small groups or home groups can be very effective places where we can share stories; pray for others; and receive prayer as well as learning and growing in our faith – hopefully with lots of food and fun in the mix!

We would love to welcome you to come along to one of our home groups. We have a variety of groups in different locations – they are run on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and there is one held on Monday afternoons.

If you would like to find out more, please give us a call or ask one of the welcome team next time you join us on a Sunday.

Every blessing

Chris Williams