Jon Linforth LBC
Jon Linforth

Jon Linforth

Hi I’m Jon

Over eight years ago, my wife Melissa and I took a step into the unknown and landed in Lisvane. Lisvane was an unknown area to us but we were welcomed by Lisvane Baptist Church (LBC) as if we were old friends. The warmth, friendship and kindness given by the church fellowship quite simply blew us away. We were hooked! It wasn’t the people who placed the hook though – we truly believe it wasn’t a coincidence that we arrived here, it was all part of God’s plan and purpose for our lives.

We have had the joy of serving at LBC during these years in many children and youth groups and in various adult activities. During this time, we continued working full time and I attended Regents Theological College part time. Our family has grown and we have been blessed with two very precious little girls.

Now we are about to enter a new season, stepping out even further within the life of the church, to serve the church community and to be there for the wider community. It is a tremendous privilege to be appointed Assistant Pastor at LBC, not for the title but for the opportunity it provides to spend time encouraging, helping, supporting, mentoring and caring for those around us. Our passion in life is simply this: to introduce people to our wonderful Saviour, Jesus Christ, and to explore together the plan and purpose He has for all of us, individually and as a community.

We meet every Sunday morning at 10:30am in Lisvane Memorial Hall so why don’t you come along and experience for yourselves the warm welcome and friendship that Melissa and I encountered.

Community Worker
Ali Jensen