29th March Chris Williams


  1. Elly Thomas

    Thank you Chris for this message and to Shae for being so welcoming to me. I didn’t realise I’d been absent from LBC for so long. I can’t wait to meet you both in person eventually and reconnecting with many others I love but simply haven’t made time for.
    I pray what good has come out of COVID-19 and my answer has been to slow many people down from what were frenetic lives.
    I echo your prayer for key workers and ask that my profession (pharmacy) is also remembered. I know you mentioned them last week. Although frontline staff, many in the UK haven’t been given PPE despite unwell people continuing to cross their doorways.
    I’m looking forward to next week.
    God bless,

    • Chris Williams

      Thank you for your kind encouragement, look forward to meeting you soon. Bless you, Chris.

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