Thought for the day

In my daily  bible reading this week I came to a verse that always touches me.

Worship the Lord in the splendour (or beauty) of His holiness.  
Ps 96 v9

We don’t always consider  holiness to be  attractive. It can be frightening. The Lord’s holiness is beautiful to us because His character is love, grace, mercy, and lots more, towards us. After all He sent the Lord Jesus so that our sins can be forgiven when we trust in  Him It is because of His love that we can stand in His presence to worship Him and know we belong there. Another  translation says it could be  Worship the Lord with the beauty of holiness. The righteousness of Christ has covered us, so that we are fit to be in His presence with  the beauty of holiness.

The challenge to us all is to be holy in  character and practice, as we are already in Christ.

O worship the Lord in  the beauty of holiness 
Bow down before Him, His glory  proclaim
With gold of obedience and  incense of lowliness,                               Kneel and adore  Him  the Lord is His name.
 Low  at His feet lay thy burden of carefulness,
 High on His  heart He will bear it  for the thee,
 Comfort thy  sorrows and answer thy prayerfulness,
 Guiding thy  steps as may best for thee be.

May God’s blessing be with us all.