Thought for the day

“This same Jesus who has been taken from you will come back in the same way you have seen Him go”. 
Acts 1 v. 11 

When I was a teenager,a long time  ago, the return of Jesus was spoken about and  discussed a  great deal. It was  so  real to me that I remember opening my bedroom curtains each morning and wondering if Jesus would come that day.

Nowadays we  don’t hear much about the return of Jesus, but we are still waiting.
We don’t know when He will come back or what it will be like.

Matthew, Mark, and Luke all tell  us

“At that time men  will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and glory.”

Jesus warns us to watch and be ready when He comes. How can we be ready?
Surely by loving God with all our being and our commitment to serving Him. Discipleship 3 is very helpful on what it means to be committed. Let’s ask God to give us the power , through His Holy Spirit, to  be fully committed every day

“As we wait for His Son from heaven “
1 Th. 1 v.10

With love to you all,