Thought for the day

These are difficult times. It’s  a different way of living, especially for  those who live alone. My daily readings  were in Thessalonians last week and these verses spoke to me again.

Be joyful always,pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances,for  this is  God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 

I Thess. Ch, 5. v.16 & 17  

I am glad Paul said in all circumstances and not  for all  circumstances. There are always  things to  thank God for, even now, family, friends. Most of all we thank Him for Jesus and the wonderful salvation He brought  us.The wonderful thing to me is that God gives us joy as we thank and praise Him and how we need  that joy now. It has  been my experience that even in the darkest days of my life my  heart has  been filled with joy as I  thank God.

Inexpressible and glorious joy Peter calls it!   Peter  Ch 1 v. 8

As Nehemiah said long ago

        “The joy of the Lord is your strength “.   Ch.8 v 10

With my love to you all