Thought for the day


Over the past few months there have been times where “Opportunities for Grace” have arisen at home or in the work place. In a world where there’s such polarisation of views, what a difference Grace would make. Grace appears in the bible over 120 times, depending on the version, and more so in the new testament than the old. Thinking about the word Grace what’s your interpretation? C S Lewis penned the words below…. 

"Never, in peace or war, commit your virtue or your happiness to the future. Happy work is best done by the man who takes his long-term plans somewhat lightly and works from moment to moment 'as to the Lord.' It is only our daily bread that we are encouraged to ask for. The present is the only time in which any duty can be done or any grace received."

Is there a situation where Grace could be instrumental in your life today? As James 4 show us that God has grace abundant

But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says:
“God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”

In Phillip Yancey’s book “What’s So Amazing About Grace” he defines Grace as

“grace means there is nothing I can do to make God love me more, and nothing I can do to make God love me less. It means that I, even I who deserve the opposite, am invited to take my place at the table in God’s family.” 

As families are allowed to get together, will Grace shine through and unite us going forward? Just ask the Lord and you will receive Grace in abundance. 

Have a blessed day