A message from the Hill family

A message from the Hill family

Dear Church Family,

May we first thank you for the love and kindness that has been showered upon us through cards, letters, texts, Facebook, WhatsApp etc., but most importantly of all through your prayers. We feel loved.

We know that many of you would have wanted to come to Helen’s funeral, but the understandable restrictions that are in place do not allow for anyone other than close family members to attend, so sadly that won’t be possible.

For now we can only invite you to join us in your thoughts and your prayers tomorrow afternoon (4:15pm, Tuesday 31st March), which is when Helen’s funeral will take place. We’ve attached the order of service which includes the tributes that we will be reading. We hope that this will bring you a little closer to us, not just in our grief, but also in celebration of our most wonderful memories of a most wonderful person.

If you do wish to donate to our chosen charity (the Forget-Me-Not Chorus) in lieu of flowers, you can do so online here:

In Love,

Graham, Emily and Charlotte

Link to order of service